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Want to know more about the role of sugar-free gum in maintaining oral health and caries prevention? In the video below, Michael Dodds, BDS PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Science & Technology at Mars Wrigley, explains the science behind the effect of chewing gum on oral health, and discusses the most recent research conducted on this topic. This presentation was originally delivered at the FDI World Dental Congress 2021 in Sydney, Australia.

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WOHP Clinical Booklet

A clinical overview of the role of chewing sugar-free gum in oral healthcare.

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The latest research on sugar-free gum

Two recent systematic reviews published by King’s College have concluded that the regular use of polyol combination chewing gum leads to a reduction in dental caries and is an effective addition to oral health regimens.

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The latest news from WOHP

Read the latest news from the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program.

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