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Educational Resources

Talking with your patients

Educating and encouraging patients to adopt good oral hygiene behaviors and routines can be challenging when appointment time is limited. The following resources have been developed to maximize these interactions and show patients how chewing sugar-free gum can help prevent tooth decay while they are on-the-go.

Patient education resources

Where are you on the Smile Spectrum?

patient leaflet

An eye-catching poster for teens as a high-risk group for developing dental caries to invite them to think about how healthy their smile is.

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window sticker

A window sticker for your office.

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A patient flyer offers a two-sided, easy to copy reference for patients explaining how sugarfree gum can help keep teeth healthy

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An appointment reminder card lets patients know when it is time for their next check-up and reminds them of the four key oral care routine steps

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A dental office poster can be kept in the practice room and shared with patients as appropriate when talking about the benefits of chewing gum

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‘Hooked on Oral Hygiene’ tool

An innovative tool to help your patients remember and adhere to advice long after they leave your clinic. Designed by Dental Hygienist, Michelle Coles, it features a handy door-hanger style design with three boxes where you can write personalized oral care tips for your patients.

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WOHP has supported independent clinical research into the benefits of chewing gum for more than 25 years.

Economic benefits of chewing

Economic benefits of chewing

Global health economic data suggests that increasing sugar-free gum consumption could reduce global dental expenditures from treating tooth decay by US$4.1 billion a year. Download Infographic (PDF) and Economic Benefits Study (PDF)

The Science

The Science

Independent research supported by Wrigley funding has continued to have an impact on the oral care arena for nearly 90 years.